The Fund’s Activities

Funding Litigation Costs of the Claimant in Exchange for a Share of the Proceeds


The Fund specializes in financing our clients, rightful claimants, in order for them to preserve their full rights during legal proceedings.

The Fund finances a wide range of legal proceedings:

courtroom litigation, arbitration, class action suits, tort claims and other kinds of disputes.

Funding includes attorney fees, courtroom fees, expert opinions, and any other additional expenses that are associated with and/or accompany the proceedings.

In consideration for the Fund’s investment, we receive a share of the proceeds from the claim.


Transferring the Financial Risk of Funding Litigation from the Claimant to the Fund


In the event that a claim is dismissed, the Fund absorbs the financial loss, not the claimant.

The Fund employs professionals, lawyers, economists, and is aided by external professionals and/or top legal experts who help vet potential investments.


Who Do We Fund?


Potential claimants are those who are unable to fund or have limited funds to cover the complete cost of litigation.

Claimants who would like to limit the financial risk of a dismissed case and loss of funds during legal proceedings.

Private and public companies who would like to avoid burdensome expenses that encumber their balance sheet.


Partnering with Law Firms


The Fund does not replace the legal representative of the claimant and does not provide any legal representation itself. The Fund only provides funding for legal proceedings.

The Fund works with leading law firms in Israel and selected firms abroad.

Funding legal proceedings is mutually beneficial for the Fund and for Law firms and allows for growth of both parties.

There is no conflict of interest between the Fund, as a financial entity, and the attorneys representing the claimant.