Investment Process

Receiving the judgment or reaching a settlement.

Success-based payment to the Fund in accordance with the investment agreement.

In the event of a loss, the Fund absorbs the financial loss of the investment made in the proceedings.


 Internal and External Analysis


Examination of all of the circumstances of the case and approval by the internal investments committee.

Preparation of a business proposal and summary of the business terms and conditions with the claimant.

Signing the investment agreement, subject to the legal analysis.

Due-diligence – additional in-depth and thorough legal analysis by an external professional consultant and expert in the field.



Funding the Proceedings

Final approval of investment within 14 – 30 days of signing the agreement.

Funding the claim by the Fund according to the investment agreement.



Managing the Investment

Follow-up – updating and monitoring the progress of the proceedings.

Ongoing reporting.



Concluding the Proceedings



Request for Funding from the Fund

Requests for funding may come directly from the claimant or by way of their attorney.

The Fund finances claims totaling 5 million NIS and above.

Funding includes attorney fees, courtroom fees, expert opinions, and any other additional expenses that are associated with and/or accompany the proceedings.


Preliminary Review

Scheduling an introductory meeting with the client and/or the representing attorney.

Signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and obtaining additional relevant materials.

Examination of the potential claim and preliminary review by the Fund.