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The Israeli Litigation Funding Fund

About Us

ILF - The Israeli Litigation Funding Fund invests in funding a variety of legal proceedings, including courtroom litigations and arbitrations, in Israel and abroad.

By financing the costs of litigations, the financial risk is transferred from the claimant to the Fund in exchange for receiving a part of the proceeds when claims are successful. We specialize in helping our clients to achieve their full rights in legal proceedings without financial restrictions by providing them with strong financial backing. We ensure high-quality care of their claims throughout the process, until the end of the proceedings, even in the event of a prolonged legal battle.

Our funding includes attorney fees, court fees, expert opinions, and other additional expenses that are associated with and/or accompany the proceedings. The Fund decides which claims to finance after a careful and detailed analysis of the nature of the claim and claimants, as well as the ability to procure payment from the defendants during legal proceedings.

In order to vet potential claims, the Fund employs professionals, lawyers, accountants, and economists.

In addition, the Fund is aided by external professionals including Gornitzky Law Firm and other specialized leading law firms, prominent legal minds, and retired judges, as needed.

ILF was founded by Gornitzky Law Firm together with Value Base Investment Banking firm, who is active in Litigation Financing since 2017. ILF operates by models accepted and used by leading litigation financing funds in many countries around the world.

Who Do We Fund ?


Avoiding High Costs

Private and public companies who would like to avoid burdensome expenses that encumber their balance sheet.

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Risk Hedging

Claimants who would like to limit the financial risk of a dismissed case and loss of funds during legal proceedings.


Limited Financing Resources

Potential claimants are those who are unable to fund or have limited funds to cover the complete cost of litigation.

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Strong Financial Backup

Ensures the financing of the case until the end of the legal proceeding, even in cases of long struggles.


Quick Settlements

Claimants who are interested to reach to a quick settlement benefit from the Fund's strong financial positioning. 


Objective view

Claimants who would like to have a "second opinion" and verification of their claim

Our Executive Team

DSC_4113 selected.jpg

Yair Ephrati

Director, Value Base

DSC_6148 selection.jpg

Ido Neuberger

Director, CEO Value Base

אבי בסון

Avi Basson 

CEO, Partner

Yair Ephrati

Director, Value Base

Yair Ephrati

Director, Value Base


Contact Us

Our address:

Discount Tower, 23 Yehuda Ha-Levi Street 

Tel: 03-6223381 | Fax: 03-6223478

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