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Our Executive Team

אבי בסון - הקרן הישראלית למימון הליכים משפטיים

Avi Basson

CEO, Partner

Mr. Basson is a seasoned CEO with over 25 years of experience in the Israeli capital market as well as in the fields of banking, insurance and investments, and the ILF's CEO for the last 5 years.
Before joining the Fund, he held several upper management positions. Most recently he served as the Executive Vice President of UBank for the FIBI Group, He had previously served as the CEO of Clal Finance Amitim for the Clal Insurance Group and as CEO of Investec (Israel) Mutual Fund Management.

Mr. Basson holds a MBA and a BA in Economics with Honors from Tel Aviv University.

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Ido Neuberger

Director, CEO at Value Base

Mr. Neuberger is a businessman and a seasoned CEO with extensive knowledge of the Israeli capital market, with over 25 years of experience in managing private & public companies.

Since 2013, he has served as the Co-CEO of the Value Base investment firm, the Fund’s partner.

In 1993, Mr. Neuberger founded the Apex investment firm and in 2010 led the sale of the Dash-Apex investment firm, which under his management had grown into one of Israel’s leading investment firms with over 60 billion NIS in managed assets.


Mr. Neuberger completed his term as CEO of Dash-Apex after guiding the successful merger with Meitav, thus creating the second largest investment firm in Israel.

Mr. Neuberger holds a BA and MA in Economics with Honors from Tel Aviv University.

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Yair Ephrati

Director, Value Base

Mr. Ephrati has over 20 years of experience in the field of investment banking, including mergers, acquisitions, raising capital, and management buyouts. He serves as the CEO of Investment Banking at Value Base investment firm. Previously, he served as CEO of Meitav-Dash Mergers & Acquisitions, a leading investment banking firm in Israel. Prior to this, Mr. Ephrati served as senior advisor to McKinsey & Co. in London and New York.

Mr. Ephrati holds a MBA with High Honors from the University of Michigan and a BA in Economics from Tel Aviv University.

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Tsahy Alon, Adv.

General Counsel, Value Base

Mr. Alon has an extensive experience in corporate law, capital markets, securities and commercial law which he accumulated  as an attorney and partner in leading Israeli law firms serving as an external legal advisor to many public and private corporations.


Prior to joining Value Base, Mr. Alon served as a Partner at S. Friedman & Co. and an attorney  at Meitar Law Offices. Mr. Alon holds a LL.B and a B.A. in Business Administration from the Interdisciplinary Center ,Herzliya.

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Lior Kaver, CPA

CFO, Value Base

Mr. Kaver is a specialist in capital markets, and brings over 20 years a deep understanding and experience in managing IPOs, M&A activities, valuations, due diligence, prospectus drafting and company restructuring for debt offerings and raising capital.


Lior served as CFO with several public and private companies, including Meitav-Dash (formerly – Ds Apex). Prior to his CFO positions, Lior worked as an audit manager at the Israeli office of E&Y Israel.


Lior also serves as a Director in several private companies. He holds an LLM in Law for CPA from Bar-Ilan University and a BA in Business Administration and Accounting from the College of Management.

ווליו בייס
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